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Builders Magazine, a member of the "Builders" websites family, a part of the "Synergy" project, a project with American know-how and shareholding, is an online magazine which aims to soon occupy leadership position in online media for architecture and construction.

The magazine is equally addressed to professionals and to those who want to find out designing technique for their home or just to be informed about the rules and laws applying to construction, new technologies, architecture projects or construction sites from Romania or around the world.

"Builders Magazine” wants to unite professionals and amateurs, builders and users in one community, to become a reliable source of information for them.


Due to the fact that Builders Magazine is an online magazine, it targets "computer literate" readers, with ages ranging from 18 to 45 years, especially from urban areas.

Due to "all in one" approach, Builders Magazine readers have one thing in common: the desire to always be informed.

In the magazine you will find the latest trends in interior design, new technologies in construction, the latest DIY ideas or real estate information.


In the website you will find 11 categories: Events, News, Info, Nature, Architecture, Construction, Innovation, Profile, Products, Guide, How To; each category is divided in significant subsections.

In the Architecture section you will find samples of virtuosity in interior design, exterior design or architecture trends.

The Restauration subcategory gives information in a field which keeps getting better due to recession.

In Construction you will find presentations of special structures, new technologies or information regarding important building sites at national level.

The How To section is dedicated to readers who like to work around the house. Here we will show you easy to make projects, but with great impact to you home and garden.

Bronze Package

Side Banner 290x172 px - 60 RON

(1 week, 1000 views) x 4 = 240 RON

Advertorial done by our editors

(250 words) - 250 euros

Interview published in Eater Magazine

+ 2 newsletter presences - 200 euros

Company presentation in Guide section - 350 euros

Total: 850 euros

Discount 40%: 342 euros

Total Bronze Package: 508 euros


Silver Package

Side Banner 290x280 px - 100 RON

(1 week, 1000 views) x 4 = 400 RON

Advertorial done by our editors

(400 words) - 300 euros

Interview published in Eater Magazine

+ 3 newsletter presences - 250 euros

Company presentation in Guide section - 350 euros

Total: 990 euros

Discount 45%: 445 euros

Total Silver Package: 545 euros


Gold Package

Banner Leaderboard 970x118 px - 150 RON

(1 week, 1000 views) x 4 = 600 RON

Advertorial done by our editors

(600 words) - 350 euros

2 Interviews published in Eater Magazine

+ 5 newsletter presences - 400 euros

Company presentation in Profile section in top positioning - 350 euros

Total: 1235 euros

Discount 50%: 617.5 euros

Total Gold Package: 617.5 euros

* The packages discount do not cumulate with other discounts


Be a part of the BUILDERS community

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Pay 200 euros/year instead of 350 euros/year

in two rates: 100 euros/year at registration, 100 euros/year after the first quarter

if you pay monthly that means 35 euros/month

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*Each detail can be changed at the client's desire