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 A fitting style, starting from a personality style!
If you want some interior specatculos, do not hesitate, our magazine inspires you choose all the ways that fit their style, needs and your pesonalitătii.
Talk about such a development and the home front, which has a unique design!
Residential homes on Lafayette Street, New York, United States, was designed by architects Neil Logan and Solveig Fernlund.

 The construction was carried out in 2003 and has 2500 square meters, with wide view to large maple trees.
Construction materials used are natural architect interior in warm colors.
The architect showed great interest and floors of the house.
To maximize the presence of trees in the room were installed tilt-turn windows, which offer bright space.

 Housing is provided with modern technical unit tenologie heating and cooling.
Volumes rooms are large and height.
The house has a bathroom and a laundry room located on the north side.
Owners have completed setting up the cabinets and bookcases furniture custom made to order.
To give a unique style rooms, a choice of wooden columns that constitute a bridge instead of dining space and kitchen bar.

Construction has warm colors that provides recreation and relaxation, the choice of monochrome tones and natural.
The project starts from a simple approach, the emphasis falling on the furniture.
The architect plays with lights and textures with color changes, special accents and merge volumes in how to match subject.
At present, we are witnessing a phenomenon that interior design has become increasingly dynamic, that type of approach.

 This innovative design is a real trend of the 21st century, which is why modern style adopted by most Romanians, both in country and abroad.
Unlike other designers, dares to tackle a new area in design that is combining modern utilities.
Prevails in building design style that managed to release unnecessary items interiors and trims excess, giving a feeling of overload.

 This design inspires freshness and naturalness, with its lines of furniture.

Although the structure is neutral color, it offers recreation and relaxation by choosing natural shades, such as wood.

In conclusion we can draw from these ideas and new design, to great effect!

Ioana Cucu


Published: iunie 2013
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