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Who hasn’t ever wanted to stay in a luxury hotel like a super star and just enjoy the gorgeous décor and exquisite service and amenities?


America has many high profile and high dollar luxury hotels for anyone with the cash and a taste for the finer things in life. Here is the top five luxury hotels in The United States.


The St. Regis of New York is just the kind of classy luxury hotel one would expect. A historic hotel that opened in 1904. Located on Fifth Avenue in New York City, it rests at the heart of the financial district in The United States. Those staying will be pleased to note that Central Park is only four blocks away with subway lines just as close. It boasts over two hundred elegant rooms full of luxurious décor. Each room boasts a 32 inch flat screen TV, Serta mattresses for a comfortable night’s sleep, a chandelier, a bathroom with a marble floor, and four hundred and thirty square feet of room to move about.


Don’t just stay for the décor though, it has a world class spa to help any traveler to relax and the famous King Cole bar to help the globe trotter slip into the night. It was at the King Cole bar that the Bloody Mary was invented, originally called the “Red Snapper”. If that isn’t enough there is twenty four hour butler and maid service available to help road or plane weary travelers settle in.


The Plaza Hotel in New York City was opened in 1907 and has the air of aristocracy in the very fiber of its being. It is luxury. It knows it’s luxury. The Plaza has to prove it’s status as a luxury to no one. It comes with all the trappings of luxury, rooms are an impressive four hundred and seventy five square feet. It had the décor style of Louis the XIV and the amenities to match. There are four different kinds of pillows available to the traveler, hypoallergenic, buckwheat, lavender buckwheat, and Tempur-Pedic.


A thirty-seven inch plasma TV adorns every room complete with free cable and movies of course. Bathrooms are large with twenty-four karat gold plated sinks. There is of course a full sized tub to soak in and a shower. Turkish towels and bathrobes are available for adults and children. Also, it has free Wi-Fi. There is even an iPod compatible iLove stereo for the music lover. Of course there is also twenty-four hour on call butler service and room service for the late night munchies.




The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek is another luxury hotel that is beyond breath taking to behold. It is mad with ink stucco and terra cotta roof tiles, fountains and tile mosaics. It is absolutely a stunning beauty to behold and it is just outside of the city of Dallas Texas. It has very large rooms with patios on most. A flat screen TV to rest and relax in the evening. There is a gorgeous pool with poolside food and drink service. Of course, there is also a fitness center with a TV attached to every cardio machine so the morning run is not as boring. Some rooms even come with their own Jacuzzi to rest sore muscles after a long day of traveling. The Rosewood Mansion also boasts a restaurant that provides outdoor terrace seating. It is a more modern refined luxury, but luxury all the same.


To be continued...


Author: Dody Mitchell

photo source: discoverluxury.com

Published: iulie 2014
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