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House in Chile

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 We go from a holiday house in a stone house in Chile!
This house consists of two volumes, pointing in opposite directions, arranged one above the other.
The architect used his environment, making virtually impossible, in using this steep terrain to build the house.
The structure has a smaller volume with a stone façade, which is built right into the steep hill in the area.

 Bedrooms are embedded in the ground and connected to a garden rich in vegetation.
And higher volume boasts an ultra-modern look with a gray stone exterior plywood with geometric patterns, architectural patterns coming out everyday.
On the outside, the architect used the natural color contrast of black and beige, which show off the style, and blending with the environment.

 And inside, warm colors were used, which gives relaxation and calm.
To offer all comforts of a modern home, and privacy that a family needs, the architect chose the windows of vast dimensions, to be covered entirely by preferences owners of wooden blinds that can be raised
through a simple, being in tune with the nuances traced the furniture inside.

 By precinct, find a road paved with stone edge and wooden stairs.
Subliniand easy structure, the architect chose glass railings, not to overshadow the spectacular landscape.
Combining two opposing forces, namely man and nature, but also a contrast in styles in an original and contemporary design, this stunning stone house with two floors, making a modern statement of yin-yang.

 Known as Binimelis home is situated on a lot of 950mp, sloping, in Chile, La Reserva de Chicureo.
Architects who have dealt with this project works in our office architecture, which is called Polidura Talhouk Arquitectos.

 Transforming the difficulties encountered when creating project defining characteristics of this innovative design, they took over the lot with three obstacles, namely: Land of up to 40 percent, sun exposure and triangular lot.
In conclusion, it amazes construction, refinement and good taste, in a manner architecture.

Ioana Cucu

Published: mai 2013
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