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We'll talk in detail about a cultural project of architecture, a museum of the Republic of Korea, Seoul, built by the architects of the Acme architecture firm.
The project is still at the stage of concept proposal and shall have a site of 12,000 square meters and the building will have an area of ​​9000 sqm.

Municipal Art Museum in Seoul Gangbuk will be built to ease overcrowding in the city of Seoul.
From the north-east, until now lacked a major cultural institution, and the new building will help the city's population to revive and develop the cultural point of view.

The proposal to merge broken, like some special smaller fingers, create elements that connects and helps numerous facilities around the park that is a library, an exhibition hall, an octagonal pavilion and a playground, recreational facility enabling
and exercise.

Traditional museum of art monumental required by an individual your access with experimental and educational series for people in the form of wings, which hosts special youth neighboring district.

The new building avoids the limits of the existing park and district as an arts center, allowing the park to infiltrate the building at ground level.
It is the combination of tradition and innovation, new and old.

The city is one that has been fundamentally altered over time by past events that are not just a footnote, they are essential for the transformation of the city today.
As a result of this whole creative process, it can be characterized as a frame futuristic geometric shapes unique, which is an ambitious project of the architect, where people can come to socialize and meditate.

Architect focused more on the exterior design than on the inside, creating a great overview, lines and shape up for the public interest.
Construction design dazzles with sophistication and good taste, creating a space to relax and unwind.

Ioana Cucu


Published: iunie 2013
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