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 We'll talk about a project residence built with a unique style!
Home called East Hampton Residence, New York, United States.
The project was realized by architects Neil Logan and Solveig Fernlund.
They took care of special projects with extraordinary architecture!
For this house was used as a building material, wood.

 East Hampton House is completely finished and was built in 2002.
It has a 55,000 sqm site available and had client for this project Richard Foulser.
Construction has large windows on the main façade and the secondary façade, which leads to a beautiful pool.
The wood used in construction is the trends of 1970 and has been specifically programmed for the building, and helped renovate the old building, to accommodate the present and the housing needs for a family of six people.

 It is made up of parents and the 4 children.
The structure was simplified and also modern style and completed mininalist to maximize its size, while remaining within the existing footprint.
A horizontal cavity facade, served to create a covered entry, whose sense of intimacy was offset by an opening on the garden.

 The kitchen floor is that the enclosure was moved downstairs to connect more easily to a large deck and pool, which are an integral part of the house and serve as a unique complex in which all family members can
relax and breathe freely outdoors.
The colors are white walls and furniture.
The furniture is modern, unique, minimalist style.

 The floor is wooden color, shade and texture open.
And architects have not stopped at amanajarea enclosure, they chose to yard and garden furniture and special elements that emphasize structure.
The project is composed of a lot of good ideas that architects have turned to harness modern style and highlights the architecture and interior design, which strikes us at first glance!

 The project is intended for architects, designers, planners, engineers and lighting installations, owners and managers of hotels and restaurants, offices and project developers commercial, fashion retailers, companies with solutions for interiors and all those interested in interior design
and design, which are under the sign of innovation and boldness.

Ioana Cucu

Published: iunie 2013
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