Law no. 10/1995 - quality in construction

Law no. 10/1995 - quality in construction

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The Law no. 10/1995 - quality in construction regulates the general purpose, the responsabilities of all parties involved and the penalties if the law is not respected.

Here are some of the general stipulations:

Art. 1. - The quality in construction is the result of all the performances regarding their service behavior, in order to meet, throughout its existence, the demands of users and communities.

The exigencies regarding the quality of installations and technological equipment is established and implemented through specific regulations, created for each domain.

Art. 2. - The stipulations of the present law are applied to buildings of any category and their installations - regardless of ownership or destination - hereafter construction, as well as modernization works, modification, alteration and repair of this constructions.

The following constructions are excluded: residential building that have only a ground floor or ground floor plus one floor, temporary constructions and household annexes located in the countryside and villages.

Art. 3. - This law establishes the quality system in construction, that will lead to the execution and exploitation of quality constructions, in order to protect people, their and the societies property, and the environment.

Art. 4. - The quality system in construction is applied differently, according to classes of importance in constructions, regulations and procedures for every component of this system.

The classification in classes of importance in constructions is based on complexity, destination, usage, degree of risk in terms of safety, as well as economic considerations.

Art. 5. - In order to obtain constructions of proper quality, the following requirements are mandatory:

1. resistance and stability;

2. service safety;

3. fire safety;

4. hygiene, human health, restoration and protection of the environment;

5. thermal insulation, waterproofing and energy saving;

6. protection against noise.

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Translated by Ana Maria Andronache

Author: Claudiu Crețu


Published: noiembrie 2012
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