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Holidays, vacations, relaxation, heat ... all that embodies perfection, right? True, we can benefit from them crossing Africa far and wide: Egypt - Ivory Coast - Nigeria - Kenya - South Africa. Stay with us and find out what attractions, buildings and resorts offer these African countries.


Egypt: “The Luxurious Architecture of the Mena ”


This North African country has been known historically as a keeper of monuments and artifacts. The city of the pharaohs, the country boasts of numerous pyramids and artifacts. In more modern times, architecture has changed from the time of Amenhotep who created the step pyramid at Saqqara in the 27th Century to modern architects like Abdel-Wahed El-Wakili and Hassan Pathy.


A great place to feast your eyes on and relax yourself in the ambience of tasty architecture in Egypt is the Mena House hotel in Cairo. This palatial, luxury hotel is situated very close to the Pyramids and surrounded by 40 acres of gardens. More than 100 years old, this hotel has played host to several famous clients and royalties. There are lots of antiques and hand crafted furniture that make up the extravagant decor.


The hotel possesses a swimming pool, golf course and several restaurants, offering Indian, African and European cuisine. With hospitable environment and pleasant staff, the Mena Hotel is most intriguing for its amazing design. Overlooking the pyramids, the building has several arcs and pillars set among lush greenery that, at night, when illuminated, gives off a layered domino-like feel that makes it an architect’s delight and a veritable holiday spot.



Cote d’Ivoire: “An Aged Masterpiece”


Known as ‘Aging in Africa’, this building in Cote d’Ivoire is located at Lagoon Aby. Designed by architects Mathias Hollwich, Marc Kushner e al, it was built for the Foundation Saint Joseph d’Arimathie. The schematic design was completed in 2009 and construction began in 2011. Using simple geometry, the shapes of the building tilt and fold in relationship to each other; yet with an individual expression. The coned peak of the church with this kind of simple geometry reinforces the sacredness of the place.


The building has a central spine which stretches North-South from existing streets to capture the site’s prevailing winds. Perforations along the perimeter let the natural vegetation grow into the village and capitalize on the stunning views towards the water.


Like surrounding building in the community, the building flushes into nature at its back-end, facilitating drainage of water and the romance with nature. The architecture was built based on a concept of social and environmental friendliness, especially of elderly care. Set in a serene natural community, the elderly can maintain peaceful and healthy lifestyles around this sacred architectural beauty in an environment that is safe and comfortable.


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Author: Tubonemi

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Published: iulie 2014
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