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 We are talking about a building suburban residential in Ordos, China, carried out by those in Narhitects, with an area of ​​10.000sqm.
This project is based on the idea of ​​house to house, and combines two different thermal conditions and space.
It is designed as a compact house, which contains 60% of the total project and 75% of its surface.

 Exterior House offers a protective case and a unique series of large spaces interconnected.
This layered strategy responds to changes in the Ordos desert climate extremes, climate efficiency strategies and materials.
Meanwhile, the house offers its residents a variety of ways of life, as they occupy a house that expands and contracts with the seasons.

 Inside the house has internal core with three volumes stacked one on top floor, resulting in a series of roof terraces.
Each floor is optimized in a distinct form, orientation and organization of special models.
The first floor provides the connection to the landscape and the privileges of the house exterior.

 On the second floor connects to the outside on a continuous space.
Functions are positioned according to sun exposure, with kitchen and breakfast area to the east, dining room sheltered from the sun to the west and south, and living room with sunset views to the west.
Sleeping rooms are on the 3rd floor, four bedroom apartments in different directions, each with a window on one of the four facades.

 The roof is designed as a fourth floor, stacked on lower volumes, with photovoltaic panels.
House exterior, built gardens and patios.
The materials used in the rooms are stone, glass, plaster and brick floor.
Atmosphere created generates a constant fluctuation between inside and outside, texture and abstraction.

 In order to conserve energy, its residents can choose to live especially compact house inside in winter.
This area is heated condition, while the outer house is coated with rigid insulation, and heat mainly by passive means.

 It enables a simple and functional approach that combines modern technology with helpful and pleasant.
Chinese style that was applied to this concept by the architects construction project involves a simple approach, the emphasis falls on nonaglomerarea spaces with bright furnishings and creates a perfect work.

Ioana Cucu


Published: iunie 2013
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