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Mistakes to avoid when you build a house

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You are going to build your dream house?You know exactly what you need and what furniture you want to have in the house? Or maybe you do not want and you do not need all of that? Have you thought at all? Consider what matters to you and do not hesitate. Think functional! Poor planning and small budgets can lead to some awkward and disastrous mistakes.

When you plan to build a new house, you must consider residence from several angles. You must have prospects! Consider current and future lifestyle. Consider family planning. Your family is expanding? Or your kids are old enough to leave the nest ? Investigate online!

An improper design can be uncomfortable and unhealthy. Architects, engineers and builders are trained to help you make effective decisions. They can guide you on where you want to save your savings and if you do not want to do a complete renovation.

Heating and cooling

Poor planning can lead to moisture and mold problems.
A cooling system was heated and the home is very important, but that does not consume much energy.

Poor planning regarding space as sizing

Pay attention to areas that have no place large items of furniture.
Pay special attention to where you place your cabinets.
Want a dressing room or a closet?

If you have the space, definitely do not need a dressing unless it is very small.
If you live in a cold climate, then a hallway closet is essential.
But if you do not need, no spaces crowded with unnecessary storage areas.
The budget is very important for most of us.

Without a general planning

When designing your home you should take into account obicieiurile and your lifestyle.
How long are you going to stay in this house?
You have small children or large?
Characteristics must match exactly.
Or are you retired?
Think before term.


Luminaires and outlets should be sufficient.
As the windows.
A window should be present in each room and the bigger size.
Natural light when possible, should be the main source of light in the room.
Consider adding skylights as well.

Ioana Cucu

Published: iulie 2013
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