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Construction matreials of wood

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 As we all know, wood is a good izolation and a genuine material!
We'll deal with a special material that is used in interior design in various colors and solve all architectural and design projects, with a special style.

 The natural color of wood offered plays and keeps interiors element in a work of art, the actual remarkable modern or classic design, highlighting the building material.
Wood construction is ecologically sound because it is completely renewable.

 Such rustic contemporary style with a unique design and elegant shape, the style retains a warm and welcoming atmosphere with natural colors of the wood on the inside, perfect for a family of landlords.

 The concept consists of many exclusive items and the roof can opt for color accents that offer as much of the essence of contemporary design rustic in nature, away from the busy city.

 Saving space and energy by starting and this type of structure.
Construction has modern finishes, but should be selected carefully for the kitchen, in the same style of contemporary exotic design.
The house is fully functional, providing a conducive atmosphere in the kitchen structure with latest technology equipment that transform cooking into a pleasure.

 The colors used in architecture are also natural wood.
As lighting objects, you can opt for lamps that descends from the ceiling.
To clear a space fitting, and you can choose the wood in your home!

 This could become the best solution for you and will bring inside exotic nature into your home!
In conclusion these projects are characterized by refinement and good taste in an artistic manner in which we can play with the elegant combination of textures and hues.
The project targets areas for nature lovers and eco!

Ioana Cucu


Published: iunie 2013
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