Terms of use


1. General conditions

The present Terms of use represent a mandatory agreement between you, personaly or on behalf of an entity, www.buildersmagazine.com and its affiliates, regarding your acces and use of www.buildersmagazine.com and all other forms or media channel, related or connected to what we call the "websites".

You agree and accept to respect this agreement by acknowledging the present document when you register and if you continue to use the website. If you do not agree to respect this agreement or the changes which "Builders Magazine" could implement in the future do not use, acces or continue ussing or accessing the services of "Builders Magazine" or the websites.

(i) You can not use, replicate sau allow anyone to use or replicate materials without having prior written authorization from buildersmagazine.com.

(ii) buildersmagazine.com does its best to always provide accurate information, taken from authorized sources, when that is possible. buildersmagazine.com and its affiliates cannot guarantee, explicit or implicit, for the content of buildersmagazine.com or its products and services, offered or sold with direct and explicit link to buildersmagazine.com.

(iii) buildersmagazine.com and its affiliates cannot be made responsable for the way a visitor of the website uses the content of the website. buildersmagazine.com and its affiliates do not take responsability, in any situation, for any harm, caused directly and indirectly, for any lack of profit, caused directly and indirectly (including, but not limited to damages for loss of profits, interruption of businesses, other pecuniary damages), experienced as a result of using or interruption of using information and services provided by buildersmagazine.com.

(iv) buildersmagazine.com and its affiliates cannot guarantee that the information systems or software used to display or send information to/from buildersmagazine.com or any other way do not contain viruses or other destructive code or other destructive properties, because these systems and software are not created by/under the control of buildersmagazine.com and its affiliates.

(v) Each user of buildersmagazine.com agrees to, at the buildersmagazine.com and its affiliates request, exemp of any liability buildersmagazine.com and its affiliates, for any judicial or extrajudicial actions and to cover any legal expenses and other expenses which may arise as a result of a breach by the user of the clauses of the present document.

(vi) The website reserves its rights to suspend, modify, complete or remove at any given time parts of its content. Also the website reserves its rights to restrict user access to a part or all of its content.

2. Copyright

If you use this website you addmit that buildersmagazine.com, all the products and services provided or traded through buildersmagazine.com is copyrighted to "Builders Magazine" and other organization or persons (as the case).

The content and design of buildersmagazine.com, as well as any other material related to buildersmagazine.com sent via e-mail or provided in any other way ( guides, articles, design, other materials) belong to "Builders Magazine" and its partners (when its expressly specified) and therefore is protected by copyright law.

Except for the situations mentioned in the current document, it is forbidden to copy, use or reproduce the content and design of buildersmagazine.com without prior written authorization from "Builders Magazine".

By sending any kind of information or material to buildersmagazine.com or "Builders Magazine", you acknowledge "Builders Magazine" full rights, continuously and irrevocably, to modify and use those informations and materials in any way it considers fit or necessary, including to develop and trade new products or services based on these informations. You acknowledge that you have no right to demand any kind of consideration for these informations or documents. You clearly guarantee, for all these informations and materials, that: (a) you own or control all rights, according to the law, that allow you to transmit those informations and documents; (b) these informations or documents are legitimate; (c) the use of these informatins or documents do not infringe the provisions of the current document and does not affect other people. "Builders Magazine" and buildersmagazine.com does not take responsability over these informations or materials.

3. Communication platforms

The website provides you with communication platforms between you and other users (comments, forum, electronic messaging, chat and any other systems that allow to generate content by the websites users). The website can't and will not filter posted messages or messages sent by users through these communication platforms and reserves its right to, at any given moment and without further notice, delete, move, edit or restrict users access for one of its communication platforms. For the comments posted by users at the websites articles responsibility rests entirely on the user. The website reserves its right not to make public comments contrary to the present terms of use or comments that are considered damaging, in any way, to its own image, to affiliates or third parties.

You are entirely responsible for the content or any damage that may result from your posts through the communication platforms provided by the website ("Contribution", "Participation"). When you create or make available a "Contribution", thereby you represent and guarantee that:

a. the creation, distribution, submission, public display and interpretation, access, download and copy of your "Contribution" will not infringe property rights, inluding, but not limited, to copyright, licence, trademark, trade secrets or moral rights of third parties.

b. you are the owner and creator, you have license, rights, consents, transfer of rights and permissions to use and authorize "Builders Magazine" and its users to use your "Contribution" as needed, to exercise licenses you offered through this agreement;

c. your "Contribution" doesn't have damaging software, like viruses, worms, Trojan horses, codes or any other destructive or damaging content;

d. your "Contribution" is not obscene, improper, dirty, violent, harassing or unacceptable in ant other way (as specified by "Builders Magazine"), defamatory or slanderous, does not instigate, encourages or threatens anyone, does not violate any applicable law, regulation or rule and does not infringe property or publicity rights of any third party;

e. your "Contribution" doen not constitutes, contains, installs or tries to install or promote spying software or malware and any other codes, equipment or computers of "Builders Magazine" or other entities, that were designed to allow you or other to gather or monitor online informations about other parts/people/companies activity.

f. your "Contribution" doen not flood the website with communication or other unreliable traffic suggestions or that might not be cosistent with the purpose of the website;

g. your "Contribution" doen not violate in any way, or make connection to materials that violate, any provision of the current agreement or of any applicable law or regulation;

h. your "Contribution" doen not contain images, audio or video files, or other content that is excessive in size, as determined by "Builders Magazine" in its sole discretion;

i. your "Contribution" doen not contain a form of unanimously recognized "publicity" to varied category of products and services;

j. your "Contribution" doen not send or refer to users or members of the website any kind of unsolicited commercial message, regardless if that happens through the communication systems provided or other ways of communication;

k. your "Contribution" can not make public, transmit or make reference in any kind if message that contains recommendations to buy or not a certain product or service.

By posting "Contribution" in any part of the website you automatically agree, represent and guarantee that you have the right to give "Builders Magazine" licenses valid worldwide, these are irrevocably, permanent, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, fully paid and allow us to use, copy, free to use, public display, reformation, translation, extraction (in whole or in part) and distribution of such "Contributions" for any purpose, commercial, advertising, or otherwise, on or in connection with the website or the promotion thereof, to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such "Contributions", and to grant and authorize sub-licenses of the foregoing.

By submitting your messages to or through any means of communication, you agree that you are the only responsible and will compensate the website for any damages, costs or income limitations arising from the posting, transmission or references to your messages, whose contents violate the limitations in the preceding paragraph.

4. Content use

It is forbidden to use buildersmagazine.com and the products and services provided or traded through buildersmagazine.com in ways or to achieve purposes that are contrary to the law or provisions hereof.

It is forbidden to use, transfer or distribute any of the information submitted through buildersmagazine.com in a manner that could be competition for buildersmagazine.com.

It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, recompile, decompile, distribute, publish, display, modifiy, create components or complete products or services derived, and to exploit in any way buildersmagazine.com, except to display on the screen of a personal computer and print or download, for personal and noncommercial use, certain documents or information expressly designated for this purpose, if you retain unchanged all elements that relates to intellectual property rights, other proprietary rights and terms of use of those documents or informations.

The content of buildersmagazine.com can be viewed only for personal use, with no commercial intent. The right to use is: i) individually and nonexclusive; ii) allows to obtain certain materials created by "Builders Magazine" and buildersmagazine.com and published through buildersmagazine.com in form established by "Builders Magazine" and buildersmagazine.com, marketing in any form beeing forbidden; iii) does not allow reproduction, modification or display and participation in the transfer, multiplication or sale of materials created by reproducing, modifying or displaying in any form, in whole or in part, buildersmagazine.com content.

It is forbidden: i) redistribution or publication of information and documents presented at buildersmagazine.com or under buildersmagazine.com name, regardless of the instruments of the distributing (radio, television, newspapers, computer networks, display in other webpages); ii) use of buildersmagazine.com and information provided through it or to create a database or; iii) the use of buildersmagazine.com and information provided through it or to improve the quality of other information sold or provided by a a user of buildersmagazine.com to third parties.

It is forbidden the use of the name buildersmagazine.com and "Builders Magazine" and service names provided by buildersmagazine.com in any way that creates a wrong impression that there is a direct link between the person using such name or names and owners, administrators or employees of "Builders Magazine" or buildersmagazine.com.

Parts of the content included in the Site may be provided by third parties with who the website has contracts. Also, within site content may be included in the advertising section that will display advertisements of third parties. The website is not responsible in any way for the content supplied by third parties, whether it is advertising or not. Also, the website is not responsible for the content of the pages to which reference is made within it.

You are solely responsible for the consequences of interacting with other members or visitors of the website. At times, the website reserves its right, but without obligation, to monitor disputes between its members and to decide to restore order in the community.

Any other situation not specified here needs consultation and prior authorization from "Builders Magazine".

Builders Magazine S.R.L. reserves the right to modify this document in any moment and in any way. Those changes will take effect from the time that will be introduced in this paper. For this reason, we invite you to periodically reread this document.

Rights and obligations of the parties under this agreement and all legal effects it produces shall be interpreted and governed by romanian law in force. Any dispute which concerns this agreement shall be brought for settlement before the romanian courts.