The Magazine



„Builders Magazine”, a member of the „Builders” family, a piece of „The Synergy” project which has American know-how and shareholding, is an online magazine which aims to soon occupy leadership position in online media for architecture and construction.


The magazine is built to be dynamic, to have quality technical information and to promote an innovative digital imaging. „Builders Magazine” has 30 sections, updated daily, these have a minimum of 60 original articles, monthly.

The magazine was launched on November 2012.


„Builders Magazine” was designed as an "integrated system" whose purpose is to give all the information needed in construction, installation, architecture and interior design, materials and machinery, modern solutions, efficient and green buildings, achievements and problems, construction companies.

The magazine is equally addressed to professionals and to those who only want to be informed about the rules and laws applying to construction, new technologies, architecture projects or construction sites around the world, or how to do things around your home.

„Builders Magazine” wants to unite professionals and amateurs, builders and users in one community, to become a reliable source of information for them.

The magazine wants to be a common presence around construction companies, installation and architecture, building sites and completed projects, to exchange opinions between professionals and our visitors, those interested in the offer of the local and international construction community.


The „Builders Magazine” is written by Romanian engineers and journalists, that have a passion for construction, plumbing and architecture, in collaboration with local and international specialists.


The magazine's target is a mature public, dynamic and passionate about buildings and the technical field in general, but also those who want to participate in building their homes and neighborhoods.

Those who read the articles of „Builders Magazine” are either professionals, passionate about constructions or young and mature people, with higher education and above average income who want to get informed about this field, people constantly investing in their passion for construction, garden and home design, top quality materials search - including through online shops.


The 30 headings covering all areas of interest, from general information, innovative, analysis, trends in architecture to guides, presentations, type projects for houses, all written in a way that you can trust.

The information is presented in a direct and friendly way, also technically argumented and documented, the purpose of the magazine is to become a daily reference for professionals or active people, those willing to get informed and to learn about construction technics.


The magazine will try to offer its community of readers, beside presenting innovative and out of the ordinary subjects, a space where they can present their own experiences and desires, for the future development of a magazine connected to the communities needs. Our motto is "Building together".


In terms of advertising the magazine provides an interesting package for the forth quarter of 2012, in fact the first quarter of existence, to our partners who want to work with us for a proper launching, want to help prepare and build an accurate and interesting magazine - "Builders Magazine".